Privacy Policy

Who are we?

As a controller and processor of the personal data, we use the following legal identification details: Czech s.r.o., Kubelikova 1224/42, Prague 3, 13000, Czechia. Registration number: 24121657


To whom do the Principles apply?

Principles relating to Personal Data Processing and Protection hereinafter the Principles. The Principles apply to the processing of personal data related to you, as you are a data subject directed to these Principles while communicating with us. 


No personal data is processed at the website.


As a controller and processor of your personal data, we declare that all data is considered confidential and is treated in accordance with the personal data protection laws in force since protecting your personal data is a primary principle we follow when doing business.


Controller contact details:

Martin Bernard, email:


What data do we collect and process?

Based on the purpose of data processing and under conditions stated in the Principles, we collect, control and process the following personal data related to you:

o    identification information, in particular name, surname, and in case of job applicants other information stated in the applicants’ CVs or in other documents necessary to provide job offerings to the applicants,

o    contact details, in particular phone number, emails, contact address, or a bank account number,

o    other information that is always processed only when its subject is clearly informed, at the time of processing at the latest.


Why do we process data and how do we use it?

Some of your data can be processed even without your consent:

o   identification information you provided to us for electronic communication (especially e-mail) and for the purposes of our rightful interest to process the data you provided to ensure mutual communication;

o   contact details you provided to us for the purposes of our rightful interest to contact possible job applicants,

o   your identification information, contact details, or if needed other personal data to the essential extent, as you are a person acting for a business partner of our company (i.e. especially  representatives of our customers and other business partners), for the purposes of unambiguous identification when implementing a contract and taking measures before making a contract (i.e. negotiations preceding a contract itself, such as demands, offers, contract drafts, etc.), and also for the protection of our rights and legally secured interests (e.g. litigation concerning contract implementation), including the administration of a database of customers and their contact persons,

o   your data to the legally essential extent, necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (especially identification information and contact details necessary to issue, include, and archive contracts, orders or receipts to do bookkeeping, etc.)


If you apply for a job in our offer, we do need your consent to process certain types of personal data for certain purposes; types of data and purposes of processing are always stated in the consent given by you. We need your consent to be able to:

o   administer a database of job applicants

o   forward your personal data to persons possibly interested in your services

o   inform you on current job offerings coming from persons possibly interested in your services

o   perform other activities we would inform you about if needed and before processing the data.


How do we obtain data?

We obtain the personal data on the grounds of a contractual agreement with you, based strictly on you voluntarily providing us with the data. To ensure that the personal data is accurate and updated, we can collect, or update, the data information as obtained from the data subjects, third parties, or public resources (internet, public registers, etc.).


How do we process data?

The data you provided is processed in an electronic way and is stored that way. The applicants’ CVs are not printed and there is no extraction nor profiling of their content. 

Personal data in a printed form is processed exceptionally (e.g. signed contracts).

To administer a database of job applicants we use the Google Business Suite including Gmail and Drive, and Recruitee, and to access the personal data sources (including mail servers) we use a secured connection and security access rights using unique passwords of the authorized users. All of these systems are standard products and their providers guarantee that the data processing is in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter GDPR). 


How do we protect data?

Your personal data is under permanent electronic and procedural control secured by technical and organizational procedures. Individuals who come into contact with your personal data when carrying out their professional or contractual duties are legally or contractually committed to maintaining confidentiality.  Your right to personal data protection is granted by Czech law No. 101/2000 Coll. on personal data protection and by the GDPR. The technical procedures are tested for their security regularly, at least once a year, whereas the organizational procedures are examined and secured continuously.  

If the personal data of job applicants are forwarded to persons possibly interested in applicants’ services, the data is treated in a secure manner, using a secured electronic communication (via e-mail).


How long do we store and process data?

The personal data is being processed as long as there is a legal reason for its processing, or until the data processing is terminated due to other legal reasons. If there is consent, the data is being processed until the consent to its processing is withdrawn and unless there is no other legal reason for its further processing. 

If you gave consent to the personal data processing, your personal data, processed for the purpose of job offering to applicants, will be processed for a maximum of 5 years unless you give your consent to extend that period of processing.

After the period of processing is over (any legal reason for processing is no longer applicable), your personal data will be irreversibly destructed or anonymized.


To whom do we share data?

We share the personal data with:

o   public authorities, or other subjects having legal obligations such as supervisory bodies, state administration bodies, etc., 

o   persons possibly interested in your services in case you are a job applicant and you give us your consent,

o   external subjects that process data on the grounds of a relevant contract on personal data processing signed with our company,

o   providers of additional applications and systems who do not process data but who can obtain access to it under conditions stated in a contract and to such an extent that is needed for a particular service to be provided,

o   other subjects in case you give us your consent.

The extent of the personal data being provided or accessed is always limited to data necessary to fulfill a given purpose, and its provision depends on legal reasons for its processing.


We do not forward the personal data to third-country receivers (outside the EU) or international companies.

What rights are you granted?

Mainly, you have the right to:

o   demand access to personal data

o   have data corrected

o   have data deleted

o   limit data processing 

o   personal data portability

o   express objections against the processing

o   withdraw your consent at any time


How can you exercise other legal rights?

Based on your request, we will perform the required actions to such an extent that is defined by law. Any requests, objections, data change declarations and other requirements can be sent to our e-mail address:


If the requests from data subjects are clearly unreasonable or inappropriate, especially because they repeat themselves, we can charge the subjects an appropriate fee or we can deny such requests.


You also have the right to fill a complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection.


The Principles relating to personal data processing and protection come into effect on 25th May 2018.