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Supplying you with embedded expert recruiters, sourcers, and coordinators to find, attract and engage with the best talent in the industry. Tribe: modern solutions for your recruitment headaches

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Thriving for recruitment efficiency

through hard work and technology

A bespoke talent acquisition service catered to finding exactly what you are looking for. We are an exclusive network of recruiters and sourcers with a growth hack for rapidly expanding companies, working as and when you need us.

Helping you
scale up

If your business is rapidly scaling, your employee turnover is high or you’re struggling to deliver your hiring goals, we deploy effective recruitment and sourcing strategies to help you hire the right people at the right time.

We are

We are an embedded recruitment agency with a unique growth hack. We are a team of diverse professionals working across the continent on solving a difficult task – helping your company grow.

We are also growing ourselves! We started super small in 2018 with a two-person team and have welcomed 2023 with more than 60 Tribsters on board.

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Recruitment with results

We boost your applications and referrals, source candidates proactively from a range of public and private networks and use our internally developed tools to make the most of our – and your – time.

Expand geographical limits

Don’t limit your talent pool to a geographical area and find the best on a national and international scale with remote workers and those willing to relocate.

Increased talent pool

Access to increasing, internal talent pool of candidates collected by our sourcers, ready to fill a range of positions.

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Expansion assistance

We can help you structure your interview processes, align teams, and develop or adapt your recruitment strategies and help you grow your team.

A real team member

We manage your internal stakeholders, helping them make the right recruitment decisions and giving you time to focus elsewhere.

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How it Works?

An effective team that will work together to help your business grow is essential. Our unique approach to recruitment will provide you with a choice of great candidates

We boost your applications and referrals as well as proactively source and recruit candidates to meet your needs from a range of networks including LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, GitHub and our own internal, extensive network and talent pool – until we find the best match for your company.

Sourcers seek both active and passive candidates, using our automated outreach campaign system to create a much wider network of talent than traditional recruitment practices. Taking care of the preliminary phase of the selection process, sourcers will make the first contact with potential candidates and vet them before introducing recruiters.
Our experienced recruiters will assess candidate work-history and culture fit before continuing with the interview stages. Our coordinators will schedule interviews around you and your working week and help to structure interviews and the interview process – freeing your time to focus on other areas of your business.
Your chosen recruiter will be integrated into your team, bringing their skills and Tribe’s resources to you and your company. As your company scales up, we will help you to build and grow your team with the right people and then step back and let your company work together to do their magic. Recruiters will remain a part of your team for as little or as long as you need – whether it’s three months or the next three years!
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You will be in good company

"It’s the second time working with the Tribe team and on both occasions they’ve been an invaluable member of the team"

"The team at Tribe provide the efficiency and quality we need to ensure we can consistently hit our hiring targets."

"Tribe has been the best talent partner we could wish for and has played a crucial role in scaling our tech team! Their recruiters are highly skilled, dedicated and understand our needs very well."

"Team Tribe were great. They integrated into the team with speed and ease, they were professional and very personable. Tribe helped us quickly close the gap on some of the long standing open roles, especially in Tech."

Let’s build your dream team!

If you’re looking to source and recruit the best talent from all over Europe for your rapidly scaling business, we can introduce you!

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Forget about your hiring challenges, and make hiring a breeze.

We work to help you to overcome your hiring challenges – whether you’re an established name that is rapidly expanding or a brand-new start up looking to build your foundations – our embedded recruiters will become a part of your team and will help you ease your mind.

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