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Why you should team up with Tribe

Katarina Matić

When you find your Tribe, it can foster tremendous growth and that’s exactly what we strive for, being the best talent partner for fast-growing European tech companies.

As a service, Tribe provides a positive long-term impact on hiring processes through an embedded recruitment model focused on growth, development, and long-lasting value.

What is embedded recruitment?

Embedded recruitment is an innovative approach to recruitment best suited to fast-growing companies with a strong company culture that involves recruitment consultants plugging into companies and carrying out the entire hiring function.

With Tribe‘s embedded solution, you onboard a team of recruitment experts who absorb your culture and build effective relationships with your team, being able to see the bigger picture and work strategically to fill in the hiring gaps by securing the best talent and helping your business scale up.

Teaming up with Tribe means that you will benefit from:

1. Internal strategy tailored to your needs

From day one, Tribe’s talent partners become an internal part of your team, using your toolkit and collaborating closely with your team in order to understand your work culture, company structure, and hiring requirements.

By witnessing your culture firsthand, talent partners will put together a recruitment plan that specifically matches your growth needs.

2. Recruitment expertise

Since the very beginning, our leadership and talent team at Tribe have been working as in-house talent acquisition specialists with ambitious tech companies from various industries.

These experiences have allowed us to understand, explore, and overcome unique challenges talent acquisition teams face by developing bespoke hiring strategies for successfully scaling tech start-ups.

3. Technology leverage

To stay ahead of the curve, Tribe uses modern automation and in-house software to provide you with a carefully curated list of candidates and valuable data insights.

This way, we help you find, attract, and engage the gems worth focusing on and make intelligent hiring decisions.

Our best practices for hiring the best talent

Our recruitment process in short.

Stakeholder coaching

The core principle Tribe goes by is fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients by helping them with the same frequency that we care for our end goal of building your team.

Tribe talent partners provide personalized support by training your team on how to map out interview processes and how to evaluate candidates effectively, sharing useful insights, expert advice, and strategic guidance every step of the way.

This way hiring managers gain value that stays even after we’re gone.

Candidate Experience

In order to provide stellar candidates to your company, we focus on providing a great candidate experience.

Tribe talent partners make sure to develop a thriving community of potential hires by creating a seamless hiring experience and setting the stage for an open, collaborative relationship.

We aim to create an environment where candidates feel engaged, motivated, and developed, enticing them to join your vision.

Timely actions

Whether we talk about keeping in close contact with your potential top hire, updating or aiding your team, or filling your talent pipelines as our lives would depend on it, we take a proactive and holistic approach to ensure you are set up for success.

Our talent partners actively source and contact specialized talent, keeping them interested and informed in order to prevent any misunderstandings or job dissatisfaction from arising later down the line. By making use of cutting-edge tools and tested processes, we continuously develop layouts for successfully scaling tech companies.

All in all, we are not just about recruitment, we focus on building relationships with you providing you a head start in your people journey, and enhancing your hiring knowledge and experience.

We do not take hiring as a problem to be solved but as an opportunity to build the future of your company.

Have we sparked your interest?

Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can assist your hiring efforts. 

Katarina Matić

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Why Choose Tribe?

Let’s make hiring process a breeze!

We work to help you to overcome your hiring challenges – whether you’re an established name that is rapidly expanding or a brand-new start up looking to build your foundations – our embedded recruiters will become a part of your team and will help you ease your mind.