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Case Studies

Wolt is a technology company known for its food delivery platform, which connects
customers with restaurants and couriers to facilitate food delivery. Founded in
Helsinki, Finland, in 2014, Wolt has expanded significantly across Europe and
beyond. The company allows users to browse through various local restaurants via
its app or website, place orders, and track the delivery in real time.

Tribe in partnership with Wolt:

We began our partnership in 2020 and have experienced organic growth alongside
Wolt over the past four years, a trend that continues today.

Wolt size 2020: 3,000
Wolt size 2024: 11,000 +

June 2020: Beginning in Germany
Started with 1 TA, helped to launch Germany, and grew the team from 0 to over 500.

December 2020: Growing Bigger
Additional 2 TAs hired in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

May 2021: Tech Time
Expanded to 14 TAs, including tech roles, and built the teams to launch a new
product line (Wolt Market).

May 2022: Shutdown
Wolt went on an indefinite hiring freeze, and we ended the contract.

September 2022: Big Team, Big Dreams
Went from 0 to 28 TAs. Hiring for tech and business teams mainly in CEE, Germany,
and Nordics.

March 2023: Getting Everyone Organized
Added 8 Talent Coordinators, this team sped up the hiring process by ±25%.

September 2023: All About Growth
Scaling up the team from 34 to 75 people within a month.

What’s Happening Now
400 sourced candidates / Sourcer
18-20 screens per TA
3-5 hires per TA, depending on the specialty and market.


Tribe and Wolt: Revolutionising Food Delivery Across Europe

Wolt needed to scale its operations quickly and required tech expertise in different
markets. Tribe kicked off this ambitious journey in Germany, scaling Wolt’s presence.
Tribe’s expertise in tech talent acquisition and strategic recruitment helped Wolt
move faster from a newcomer to an industry leader with over 500 employees.

Needs analysis (challenges and opportunities)


Global Expansion Challenges: As Wolt aims for global leadership,
navigating the complexities of different markets, regulatory environments, and
cultural nuances presents both a challenge and an opportunity for strategic

Talent Acquisition at Scale: Achieving over 1000+ hires demanded robust
recruitment infrastructure, efficient processes, and maintaining a high
candidate experience standard, especially in high-demand tech roles.

Maintaining Quality during Rapid Expansion: Ensuring the quality of hires
and preserving the company culture while undergoing rapid expansion is a
critical challenge that needs careful management.


Sector Leadership: Establishing initiatives that elevate Wolt as a frontrunner
in the food delivery industry, focusing on innovation, market adaptation, and
setting benchmarks for best practices, particularly in DE&I efforts.

Feedback and Candidate Experience in Tech Hiring: Implementing a
structured feedback mechanism and enhancing the candidate experience
throughout the tech hiring process to improve engagement, selection, and
retention of top talent.


‘’The team at Tribe provides the efficiency and quality we need to ensure we can
consistently hit our hiring targets.’’

– Shaun Rudden, Talent Acquisition Team Lead

Strategic Milestones & Implementation:

EMEA Expansion:

Following the successful launch in Germany, Tribe leads Wolt’s expansion across
Europe. Leveraging in-depth market insights and customized recruitment strategies,
Tribe enabled Wolt to enter and excel in new markets. Tribe and Wolt have launched
operations in over 11 countries in the last 4 years, building each new market
presence from scratch.

CEE Tech Hubs:

Tribe was pivotal in establishing tech hubs in Central and Eastern
Europe and the Nordics (Helsinki, Budapest, Berlin). These hubs became the
cornerstone of technological advancements allowing Wolt to launch new verticals
like Wolt Market (Grocery Delivery). For the first 8 months, there was no internal
recruitment team and Wolt was relying 100% on Tribe. Today Wolt Market is
available in over 25 countries.

Embedded Coordinators:

Tribe’s introduction of Embedded Coordinators
streamlined Wolt’s operations, ensuring seamless execution of strategic projects.
This integration was key to operational excellence and the successful
implementation of Wolt’s ambitious plans. Coordinators schedule over 100 interviews
a week, taking over this task from the TA teams. This change led to a 25% decrease
in time to hire, and a higher NPS score (7 to 9.2).

Leading DE&I Efforts:

Tribe spearheaded diverse sourcing initiatives in the Tech
and Sales sectors, traditionally dominated by male candidates. From the beginning
of our collaboration with Wolt, we established a diversity target of 20%, which our
sourcing team is continuously working to maintain and improve using the Boolean
builder and LinkedIn talent pools, events, and team initiatives.

Results / Reflection:

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