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Case Studies

Client brief introduction:

Leapsome is an all-in-one people enablement platform founded in 2016, that today
counts around 160 employees.

It drives employee engagement, performance, and learning. The platform combines
tools for goal and OKR management, performance and 360° reviews, learning,
onboarding, engagement surveys, feedback, 1:1 and team meetings.

In 2022, it raised $60 million in Series A funding. It partnered with US-based Insight
Partners, as well as, Europe-based Creandum and Visionaries Club, who all believe
in their mission of making work more fulfilling for everyone.

Key data:

  • Project period: January 2021 – December 2022 (The initial duration of the project was 3 months, then it was extended twice)
  • Number of hies: 41
  • Time to hire: 40 days
  • Offer to hire: 93%


As Leapsome was expanding its operations, it sought assistance in reaching its
hiring objectives. Tribe provided the expertise of 4 consultants, who significantly
contributed to the company’s expansion.

Need analysis:


  • High recruitment standards & very specific criteria.
  • Positions open also in the United States, where Leapsome was not yet known.
  • Once at the offer stage, to make sure candidates understood the equity structure, as it differed from that of competitors.


  • Reinforce selection process to pursue excellence standards.
  • Expand Leapsome’s brand recognition & Tribe’s operational scope.
  • Differentiate Leapsome from the competitors.

Action plan & Implementation:

Challenge: High recruitment standards & very specific criteria

Tribe’s consultants contributed to the achievement of recruitment excellence, by
working on different axes.

  • First of all, all candidates passed through a solid selection process. Some additional steps were designed to effectively filter candidates and comprehensively assess their technical proficiency. Meticulous attention was given also to background checks, making the reference verification a mandatory step of the process.
    Additionally, the founders actively participated in all selection processes, ensuring adherence to established standards by all new-hires.
  • Tribe had full ownership of the entire candidate pipeline. Our TA also coordinated the external agencies that were working on our pipeline, ensuring a perfect centralization of recruitment actions.
  • Tribe’s tools enhanced efficiency, with automations optimizing time management and dashboards facilitating precise and effective data tracking. For example, thanks to our dashboard we could deeply analyse the consistency between our conversion rates and the hiring goal. Through this analysis, we realized that the existing setup was not adapted to reach the targets. Consequently, we promptly developed an adjusted action plan focused on two key milestones: firstly, expanding the pool of trained hiring managers involved in the interview process; secondly, ensuring alignment among all interviewers regarding the necessary requirements.
  • Tribe’s consultants played a pivotal role in the transition of ATS. They tested all the features of the new ATS, making sure that Leapsome chose the most competitive in the market.

Challenge: Positions open also in the US, where Leapsome was not yet known

Tribe’s TA worked on some roles in the United States, in particular in New York. At
that time, Leapsome was not yet known in America, that’s why our consultant put in
place a specific action plan.

  • First of all, our consultant did a market mapping of New York, doing a deep analysis of the skills present on the market and a salary benchmark.
  • Then, he implemented a strong pitch to introduce the company to the candidates, contributing to brand recognition in the local market.
  • He additionally offered the client valuable insights into local markets, aiding Leapsome in customizing its approaches to suit local market dynamics. Such adaptation involved, for example, including salary information in job advertisements.
  • Furthermore, our consultant instituted organizational strategies to ensure efficient operations across various time zones.

Challenge: Once at the offer stage, to make sure candidates understood the equity structure, as it differed from that of competitors.

Tibe’s TA participated actively in the offer stage. They enhanced communication to
emphasize the benefits of the offers and to explain in a detailed way its structure,
achieving 93% of acceptance rate.

Results & Reflection:

  • Strong contribution to Leapsome’s growth: 41 hires in 2 years
  • Creation of business development and sales enablement teams from scratch
  • Time to hire reduced from 47 to 40 days
  • Recruiters’ involvement in offer stage: 93% acceptance rate
  • Brand’s recognition in the United States
  • Contribution to the change of ATS

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