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Case Studies

Client brief introduction:

ABOUT YOU is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Europe and
Hamburg’s first unicorn since 2018. As a fashion and technology corporation, the
company’s ambition is to digitalize the classic shopping stroll by creating an inspiring
and personalized shopping experience. ABOUT YOU, a shopping destination where
people can discover fashion that really fits their personality from a range of more than
3.800 brands, is now one of the largest fashion e-tailers in Germany.

The company has a spin-off product, SCAYLE, that offers a modern, cloud-based
enterprise shop system that enables brands and retailers to scale their digital
business quickly and flexibly adapt it to increasing customer needs.

Our TECH team supports both SCAYLE and ABOUT YOU, and Commercial TAP
supports ABOUT YOU.

Key data:

  • Project period: June 2023 – Ongoing (Contract extended 3 times)
  • Hires: 25
  • Time-to-hire: 64 days
  • 20% Cost saved versus the success fee

Client testimonials:

‘’Working together with Tribe has been a huge support for us, helping us to fill quite a
few challenging Tech positions. People were friendly, supportive, smart and getting
things done!’’

-Desiree Wagner, Lead Tech Recruiting

‘’We had a wonderful experience collaborating with Tribe.

The recruitment process was exceptionally efficient and skillfully managed by the

They truly grasped our requirements and successfully presented numerous qualified
candidates to fill our open positions’’

Team Lead Non Tech Recruiting


The client asked for our help as he was facing some challenges in sourcing qualified
candidates for product management positions. These roles necessitated an on-site
presence and the available candidate pool became depleted over time.

The client selected Tribe due to our capacity to aid in the establishment of their tech
hubs in Romania and Croatia, leveraging our expertise in these local markets.

Following our successful collaboration in filling these positions, the client expanded
our involvement to include recruitment for additional roles, primarily within the
technical domain and later encompassing commercial roles as well.

Talent Acquisition team comprises two divisions: Commercial and Technical Talent
Acquisition teams, supplemented by a centralized sourcing team supporting both
divisions. Tribe provides support across all these teams, with a total of four Talent
Acquisition members.

Need analysis:


  • Exhausted talent pool
  • Unclear set-up regarding who owns which part of the process
  • Limited collaboration between sourcing and TA team


  • Better usage of a strong employer brand & leveraging less traditional sourcing strategies
  • Implementing a clear RASCI
  • Streamline internal communication

Action plan & Implementation:

Challenge: Exhausted talent pool

First of all, our consultants tracked all key metrics and conversion rates, in order to
adapt our action plan to the specific bottlenecks.

Once we identified some patterns, the sourcing strategy was adapted accordingly. In
particular, our TA made sure to target the population with better conversion rates.

Candidates were approached using a personalized strategy, ensuring that all initial
contact messages were thoughtfully tailored to maximize response rates.

Also, company culture and values were effectively communicated to the candidates,
in order to enhance client’s branding and to attract more applicants.

Additionnally, our TA launched specific referral programs, diversifying our acquisition

Finally, specific attention was dedicated to community engagement, maintaining
regular communication with identified candidates.

Challenge: Unclear set-up regarding who owns which part of the process

Our consultants implemented a clear recruitment process, defining roles and
responsibilities for each stage of the process. They also ensured that all team
members understood their specific contributions.

Additionally, they documented the process flow and assigned points of contact for
each stage, in order to provide clarity and accountability.

Challenge: Limited collaboration between sourcing and TA team

Our consultants implemented a streamlined communication and collaboration
framework. In particular, this was possible thanks to:

  • The promotion of new channels of communication between the two teams, facilitating the exchange of information, insights and candidate feedback.
  • Regular meetings and check-ins, scheduled to ensure alignment on recruitment goals, strategies, and candidate pipelines.
  • The implementation of cross-training initiatives to enhance understanding and appreciation of each team’s role and processes.


  • 25 hires
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Time-to-hire reduced from 179 to 64 days
  • Smoother process thanks to the increased internal synergy

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