Nastasija Zivkovic

Nastasija Zivkovic

AI Recruitment in 2024 – The Only Guide You’ll Need

Ai is rapidly changing the face of recruitment and talent acquisition. This is the only guide you'll need to...

Kathleen Dongo

Data-Driven Recruitment: Why and How You Should Implement It

Learn how data-driven recruitment and analytics can revolutionize your talent acquisition process. Discover the benefits of data-driven hiring, recruitment data analytics, and how to implement data-driven strategies for effective talent acquisition.

Katarina Matić

Why is RPO the best solution for your hiring challenges?

Georgia Vasilaki

5 Ways To Manage Your Time Effectively in Recruitment

Pedro Reis Silva

Top 5 Challenges Startups Face While Scaling Up

Katarina Matić

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Case studies

ABOUT YOU is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Europe and Hamburg’s first unicorn since 2018. As a fashion and technology corporation, the company’s ambition is to digitalize the classic shopping
Forto is a logistics company specializing in digital solutions for freight forwarding, offering services by sea, air and land. Its platform addresses the entire process stream; from offer, booking, document administration, tracking
Leapsome is an all-in-one people enablement platform founded in 2016, that today counts around 160 employees. It drives employee engagement, performance, and learning. The platform combines tools for goal and OKR management, performance
Proton was launched in the summer of 2014. Since then, it has grown significantly, becoming the world's leading privacy company, used by more than 50 million people globally. It provides free encrypted
Taxfix is an intuitive tax app that helps you file your tax return quickly and paperlessly from anywhere, via app or browser ,everyone gets the best possible refund. With an included error
Wargaming is a game development company that creates and publishes MMO games. Founded in 1998, it has grown from a small team of passionate gamers into a global leader in the gaming
Circula is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Berlin. With over 150,000 users and a dedicated team of approximately 150 professionals, Circula offers an intuitive platform tailored for
TIER Mobility is a micro-mobility company that provides sustainable ride-sharing solutions to its customers. By providing people with a range of shared, light electric vehicles, from e-scooters to e-bikes, TIER helps cities
Wolt is a technology company known for its food delivery platform, which connects customers with restaurants and couriers to facilitate food delivery. Founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2014, Wolt has expanded significantly

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