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Why is RPO the best solution for your hiring challenges?

Katarina Matić

RPO stands for “Recruitment process outsourcing”, which by definition means that the employer turns the responsibility of finding potential job candidates over to a third-party service provider.

In simple words – an RPO consultancy is a third party that provides the employer with a fully embedded recruiter that covers the whole hiring process, from job posting, through finding the best candidates and interviewing them, to contract to sign.

As you know, hiring challenges can be quite tough to overcome, so here is what benefits having an RPO consultancy taking care of your hiring needs provides.

We are cost-efficient!

As every person in business knows – time really is money.

RPO providers are most often measured in time to hire, cost of hire, and quality of hire. Their role is to make sure that openings are filled with the right talent just in time so clients’ needs are fulfilled. Every day that a vacancy remains open leads to increased costs and decreased productivity. Therefore, your business is losing money. A fully optimized RPO ensures that the companies won’t be impacted by these negative factors.

We are able to quickly fill even the most difficult roles thanks to our broad and diverse experience, dedicated expertise, and our read-made talent pools. Also, we at Tribe provide clients with different options of payment – we do our best to adjust to our clients’ possibilities and needs. Read more about the cost of RPO.

We become a part of your internal team!

Tribe has over 30 recruiters with experience of being embedded into clients’ teams.

They all operate precisely like internal recruiters – they are there for morning stand-ups, and internal meetings, they communicate with hiring managers and other team members on a daily basis, and keep you updated on the progress.

While your company may have only a few employees dedicated to hiring processes, we have a full team that can scale to suit your needs. Whether you would need to hire more or fewer people, we can expand our staff to meet your demands. Another benefit is that our recruiters have the feeling of belonging to your company, and therefore want you to succeed even more!

We work with the finest technology!

And we know which specialized websites and/or social media can attract talent. We also have access to the latest tools and trends in recruitment, which in-house recruitment professionals are usually not familiar with. With the broad technical knowledge and insight we have, the time, energy, and expertise in sourcing, screening, and onboarding new permanent staff, we ensure that your business gets the best talent. We regularly invest in the latest technology to ensure that our clients acquire the talent they need to succeed. Mostly, we work with technology such as ATS (applicant tracking system), CRM (candidate tracking management) tools, etc.

And last, but not least…

We are data-driven!

Having statistical insight into the hiring process is the most concrete insight to have in order to be aware of how to put your work to the best use and be as successful as possible.

That is why, at Tribe, we all track our data and are always one step ahead in the recruitment process. Another advantage the data-driven approach provides is being able to rapidly track down blockers, and swerve the recruitment process back on the best track. Instead of guessing how and where to identify candidates, we use data as our guide in getting the results our clients need.

Do you resonate with what you read? Would you like to find out more and use the advantages we can provide?

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Katarina Matić

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