How to be GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a security law passed by the European Union (EU) (Wolford). It requires organizations, both EU and non-EU alike, to comply with its prescribed data security standards; failure to adhere to these regulations could result in heavy fines amounting to tens of millions of euros (Wolford).  A brief history […]

What you should know about successful remote-work teams

Introduction Tribe has a different relationship with remote work than most companies. While many companies were forced into the world of remote work due to lockdowns and restrictions – we have been a fully remote-work company from the start. Throughout the years we have had the chance to experiment, iterate and optimize our processes, where […]

Why is RPO the best solution for your hiring challenges?

RPO stands for “Recruitment process outsourcing”, which by definition means that the employer turns the responsibility of finding potential job candidates over to a third-party service provider. In simple words – an RPO consultancy is a third party that provides the employer with a fully embedded recruiter that covers the whole hiring process, from job […]