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Case Studies

Client brief introduction:

Taxfix is an intuitive tax app that helps you file your tax return quickly and paperlessly
from anywhere, via app or browser ,everyone gets the best possible refund. With an
included error check and built-in data check, your tax return will always be complete,
accurate, and submitted fast. On average, you can complete your tax return in less
than 30 minutes – regardless of whether you have any tax knowledge or not.

Key data:

  • Project period: December 2023 (extended twice) – Ongoing
  • Number of hires: 5
  • Time to hire in tech roles reduced from 90 to 30 days from previous quarter


Taxfix is on a journey to profitability, among other teams, the R&D department has
been going through a re-organization and migration to new technologies. All the
changes have created the need to build up new teams or bring in new professionals
with niche skills and strong leadership experience.

Need analysis:


  • Timelines to recruit running short
  • Niche leadership roles in a highly competitive market
  • Limited capacity in the team


  • Decrease time to hire
  • Bring onboard the sourcing capabilities of Tribe
  • Complement the existing skills with strong tech experience

Action plan & Implementation:

Our Tribe Talent Acquisition Specialist joined the Taxfix team in December and swiftly
acclimated to their internal tools, making a significant impact by recruiting key
members for the core teams. By the end of the first quarter, the time-to-hire had been
reduced by 60%, and diversity targets were met within the first three months.

In the second phase of our collaboration, we focused on recruiting leadership roles,
which resulted in improvements in interview process efficiency and cost savings.

Results & Reflection:

Tribe made a significant impact by accelerating the recruitment of a critical core
team, enabling us to meet tight deadlines and successfully fill key leadership roles
essential for the R&D department.

Our ED&I sourcing approach was instrumental in achieving diversity targets for niche
roles, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive team. This strategy not only met but
exceeded our diversity expectations.

Overall, the collaboration with Taxfix has been a resounding success from the very
first month, with Tribe consistently delivering excellence and making a positive impact
across various levels of the team. Their ongoing contributions continue to drive our

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