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Case Studies

Client Brief Introduction:

Forto is a logistics company specializing in digital solutions for freight forwarding,
offering services by sea, air and land. Its platform addresses the entire process
stream; from offer, booking, document administration, tracking and tracing, to
pro-active exemption processing and analysis, supporting their customers with
greater visibility, insight and control.

Aligned with principles of transparency, simplicity and efficiency, Forto platform
caters to a diverse range of industries including fashion, furniture, and electronics.
Forto is committed to promoting sustainability in transportation, striving to integrate
environmentally conscious practices into their logistics solutions.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the company currently has more than 900
employees with 21 locations across Europe and Asia including offices in Berlin, Milan,
Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Key Data:

  • Project period: December 2021 – August 2022
  • Number of hires: 10
  • Time to hire: 45 days
  • Offer to hire: 67% offer to hire

Client Testimonials:

‘’Karolina is without a doubt the best talent acquisition partner that I have worked
with. I had the privilege of working with Karolina at Forto. I often find that I need to
chase recruiters to follow-up on the status of candidates, interviews, etc, but not with

As a hiring manager, Karolina is the first talent acquisition partner that I felt cared as
much or more about my roles. She was so on top of things whether it was sourcing, moving quickly to make sure we didn’t miss good talent, or proactively reaching out to
talent event if their resumes didn’t seem to align with the role because she had a
feeling that they would be great and they were.’’

Celeste Powers, Director of Product Management


At the end of 2022, Forto was in a hyper-growth stage and needed extra support to
fill technical roles within its software product development department.

Needs Analysis:


  • Offer’s rejection rate very high
  • Lack of attractiveness on German market


  • Review the recruitment strategy
  • Revamping candidate experience

Action Plan & Implementation:

Challenge: Offer’s rejection rate very high

When Tribe’s consultants started supporting Forto, the initial focus was on staff
engineer roles. Prior to our involvement, Forto had extended five offers for these
positions, all of which had been rejected for various reasons.

Firstly, our consultants did an analysis of the main reasons of rejection. They found
out that the core issue was that most staff engineers in Germany were looking to
advance their careers vertically, making a lateral move unappealing. Moreover,
Forto’s recruitment efforts were solely focused on the German market, though
relocation support offered.

Our TA successfully advocated for the expansion of recruitment efforts to include
remote hiring options in several EU countries where Forto had entities. Coupled with
a global worldwide search, this strategy broadened the pool of potential candidates
significantly and the roles have been filled.

Challenge: Lack of attractiveness on German market

On the product side, Forto was struggling to attract the right talent on the German

Our consultants:

  • worked closely with hiring managers to come up with sustainable sourcing strategies
  • made sure we were following up with talented people regularly and that we were building long-lasting relations with them, i.e. by offering feedback at all steps of the recruitment process.

With the right strategy for the sourcing and recruitment process, we were able to hire
6 people into our Product team within a few months.

Results & Reflection:

  • 10 hires
  • Offer acceptance rate increased from 0% to 67%
  • Candidate experience enhanced

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