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Top 15 AI Recruitment Tools in 2024 that HR Pros Use


Rossella Petrillo

You already know that AI is rapidly changing talent acquisition and recruitment strategies. But how exactly can you get the most out of AI in your recruitment processes?

We listed the 15 best AI tools for recruitment specialists in 2024.

AI tools like Pymetrics, Manatal, and Fetcher leverage AI algorithms and machine learning to – for example – find, contact, engage, track, and screen candidates, among other features.

The future of recruitment is driven by AI technology, and these AI recruitment tools we’ve listed are leading the way.

Check out the list below, or get in touch with us to see Tribe can help you integrate AI into your recruitment processes!

1. Pymetrics

Pymetrics, an exceptional AI recruitment tool making waves, brings a refreshing and scientifically-backed approach to candidate assessment. 

By combining neuroscience-based games and advanced AI algorithms, Pymetrics offers deep insights into candidates’ cognitive and emotional traits, unravelling their true potential for specific roles. 

The tool’s analysis of gameplay data uncovers candidates’ unique strengths, skills, and attributes, empowering recruiters to make informed and confident hiring decisions. Pymetrics stands out in its commitment to objectivity, combating unconscious biases that often plague traditional selection processes. 

Users rave about the engaging nature of Pymetrics’ methodology, which not only enhances the candidate experience but also ensures better cultural fit and job-role alignment. 

While Pymetrics’ pricing is typically tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations, users consistently report that the investment is well worth it, given the tool’s ability to optimise candidate assessment and facilitate data-driven hiring decisions.

Positive user feedback underscores Pymetrics’ effectiveness in improving recruitment outcomes and increasing the likelihood of making successful hires.

2. Manatal

Manatal, a highly regarded AI recruitment tool in 2024, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the hiring process. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Manatal simplifies candidate sourcing, screening, and tracking. 

The tool leverages AI algorithms to automate resume parsing, saving HR professionals valuable time and effort.

Manatal also offers collaborative features that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within recruitment teams. Users appreciate its customizable workflows, allowing them to adapt the tool to their unique recruitment needs. 

Additionally, Manatal’s integration capabilities with popular job boards and social media platforms expand the reach of job postings, attracting a wider pool of qualified candidates. 

While pricing may vary based on the organisation’s size and requirements, users consistently highlight Manatal’s cost-effectiveness compared to other enterprise-level recruitment software.

The positive feedback emphasises the tool’s user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and exceptional customer support, making Manatal a trusted ally in achieving efficient and successful hiring outcomes.

3. Fetcher

Fetcher, a leading AI recruitment tool, offers a smart and efficient solution for talent acquisition with a powerful 3-step approach ”’source, engage, and track”  to simplify the candidate sourcing and outreach process.

The tool utilises machine learning algorithms to identify and engage with potential candidates, saving HR professionals countless hours of manual effort. 

Fetcher’s advanced search capabilities and personalised messaging templates help recruiters create tailored outreach campaigns that resonate with candidates. Users appreciate the tool’s intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate and manage candidate pipelines effectively. 

While pricing details may vary based on the organisation’s specific requirements, users emphasise the tool’s effectiveness in improving efficiency, enhancing candidate engagement, and ultimately delivering better hiring results. 

Fetcher has garnered a reputation as a reliable and user-friendly AI recruitment tool, making it a go-to choice for HR professionals seeking to optimise their talent acquisition efforts.

4. AmazingHire

AmazingHire is a top-performing AI recruitment tool that simplifies the hiring process for HR professionals. 

Its advanced AI-driven features analyse resumes, screen candidates, and recommend the most suitable candidates for specific roles, freeing up valuable time for HR professionals.   

With its user-friendly interface and collaborative tools, AmazingHire enables effective communication and feedback among team members, streamlining the decision-making process. 

Users appreciate the tool’s ability to enhance accuracy and reduce bias in the hiring process. 

The cost-effectiveness of AmazingHire’s pricing plans, which can be customised to meet organisational needs, is highlighted in user feedback (We can estimate a cost of approximately 4800$ annually). 

The tool’s exceptional customer support further strengthens its appeal.

AmazingHire’s success stories speak to its ability to deliver top-quality candidates and simplify the recruitment process, making it a valuable tool for HR professionals seeking to maximise their efficiency.

5. Paradox

Paradox is considered one of the top AI recruitment tools as it offers a range of innovative features to revolutionise the hiring process. 

With its advanced conversational AI technology, Paradox enables automated candidate engagement through chatbots, providing a personalised and seamless experience for applicants. 

This tool also integrates with popular messaging platforms, streamlining communication and enhancing candidate engagement. 

Users appreciate the time-saving benefits of Paradox’s automated scheduling feature, which eliminates the need for manual coordination of interviews and reduces administrative burdens. 

While pricing varies based on organisational needs and size, this tool is recommended for large size companies that deal with high volume pipelines of candidates. 

Positive user feedback emphasises the tool’s user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and its contribution to enhancing the candidate experience. 

6. Textio

Textio, a well-known AI recruitment tool, empowers HR professionals with its advanced language analysis capabilities.

 By leveraging AI algorithms, Textio helps optimise job descriptions and other recruitment content, ensuring they are compelling, inclusive, and aligned with the target audience. 

Users appreciate Textio’s real-time guidance and suggestions that enhance the effectiveness of their writing, attracting a more diverse pool of qualified candidates.

The tool’s inclusive language analysis helps mitigate unconscious bias, promoting fairness and diversity in the hiring process. 

While pricing is undisclosed, users consistently highlight Textio’s value in improving the quality and performance of their job postings.

Positive user feedback underscores Textio’s ability to maximise the impact of recruitment content and attract top talent.

7. HireVue

In the list of the top 15 AI recruitment tools, we have to mention HireVue

This tool offers advanced video interviewing capabilities, allowing HR professionals to conduct virtual interviews and evaluate candidates remotely. 

The tool’s AI-driven features analyse candidate responses, facial expressions, and body language to provide valuable insights into their suitability for specific roles.

Users appreciate HireVue’s time-saving benefits, as it eliminates the need for scheduling in-person interviews and enables efficient evaluation of candidates. 

Additionally, the tool offers collaborative features for seamless feedback and decision-making among team members. The price can be variable but we estimate a cost of $35000 via a flat-rate model. 

Positive user feedback emphasises the tool’s ease of use, robust functionality, and its contribution to enhancing the candidate experience.

8. Eightfold 

Eightfold is a cloud-based AI recruitment tool with advanced algorithms that provide HR professionals with an integrated platform for candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment. 

The tool’s intelligent matching capabilities analyse resumes and job requirements, identifying the best-fit candidates for specific roles.

Users appreciate the time-saving benefits of Eightfold’s automated screening, as it significantly reduces manual effort and speeds up the candidate selection process. 

Additionally, Eightfold’s personalised candidate experience enhances engagement and improves overall satisfaction.

While pricing might change depending on the company needs and size, positive user feedback recognizes the tool’s user-friendly interface and data-driven orientation as well as its contribution to improving hiring outcomes. 

9. Skillate

Skillate is one of the most prominent AI recruitment tools, with its comprehensive solution to optimise the hiring process and identify top talent. 

Skillate utilises advanced AI algorithms that automates resume screening, shortlisting, and candidate matching, saving HR professionals valuable time and effort. 

The tool’s intelligent parsing capabilities analyse resumes and job requirements, identifying the most suitable candidates for specific roles. 

Users appreciate Skillate’s intuitive interface, which allows for easy navigation and seamless integration with existing recruitment workflows.

Skillate’s personalised candidate experience enhances engagement and provides a positive impression of the hiring process.

The pricing may vary but we can report users positive feedback such as users Skillate’s ability to deliver quality candidates efficiently, accuracy, and its contribution to improving overall recruitment processes.

10. Findem

Findem, a cutting-edge AI recruitment tool, revolutionises talent acquisition with its advanced capabilities.

Powered by AI algorithms, Findem offers a comprehensive solution for sourcing and identifying top talent. 

The tool’s unique feature set includes talent analytics, diversity insights, and predictive modelling to help HR professionals make data-driven hiring decisions. 

Users value Findem’s ability to uncover hidden talent pools, enabling organisations to tap into previously untapped resources. 

The tool’s intuitive interface and customizable dashboards provide a user-friendly experience, enhancing workflow efficiency. 

This tool does not publicly disclose their pricing information.

Positive user feedback emphasises the tool’s accuracy, usability, and its contribution to improved hiring outcomes while enhancing diversity and inclusion efforts.

With its powerful features and positive user sentiment, Findem continues to be a trusted AI tool for HR professionals seeking to attract top talent and drive successful recruitment.

11. Arya

In the realm of AI recruitment tools, Arya stands out as an innovative solution. This tool offers a range of features designed to streamline talent acquisition and enhance candidate sourcing. 

Through intelligent automation, Arya simplifies resume parsing and candidate matching, saving valuable time for HR professionals. 

Users appreciate Arya’s intuitive interface, which provides a seamless and efficient user experience. The tool’s ability to analyse job requirements and identify the most suitable candidates is consistently praised by users.

 Moreover, Arya’s integration with popular job platforms expands the reach of job postings and attracts a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Arya offers four different products with different prices (up to 249$).

Regarding feedback, users underline the tool’s accuracy, efficiency, and its significant contribution to optimising the recruitment process. 

12. Humanly 

Humanly is one of the most valid AI recruitment tools for middle organisations that need a simple and efficient tool to implement.’s AI recruitment chatbot takes on, automates, and optimises the repetitive interactions of recruiters within the screening and scheduling, reference checking, and candidate re-engagement processes.

It is particularly beneficial for high-volume recruitment, hourly positions, and early career hiring.

HR professionals appreciate Humanity’s time-saving benefits, as it automates resume screening and shortlisting. Moreover, Humanly’s intuitive interface and customizable workflows enhance productivity and streamline recruitment workflows. 

Regarding the pricing, you should contact them directly.

Users consistently highlight the tool’s cost-effectiveness and its ability to enhance candidate engagement and satisfaction and underscores Humanily’s ability to improve efficiency, reduce bias, and deliver high-quality candidates. 

13. hireEZ

hireEZ, a notable AI tool formerly recognized as Hiretual, harnesses the power of AI to assist the talent team in locating and engaging with the most suitable candidates.

This tool consolidates data from various online sources, allowing your recruiting team to conduct targeted searches and compile a curated list of highly qualified talent.

Furthermore, hireEZ provides a versatile system that supports various outreach initiatives aimed at connecting with these potential hires.

As mentioned for other similar AI tools, hireEZ’s candidate matching functionality analyses job requirements and applicant profiles, identifying the most suitable candidates for specific roles.

Talent Acquisition Specialists have provided positive feedback, in particular regarding the tool’s accuracy, efficiency, cost-effective and its contribution to improving overall recruitment outcomes. 

14. iMocha

iMocha is one of the top AI recruitment tools that you can’t not use.

With its advanced AI-driven capabilities, iMocha provides a wide range of features designed to streamline the hiring process and ensure accurate candidate evaluation.

The tool offers a vast library of skill-based assessments (+2500 skills in different areas: tech, non-tech, communication, cognitive assessment and others) and coding challenges, allowing HR professionals to gauge candidates’ proficiency in various domains. 

By utilising these assessments, companies can uncover obstacles, enhance their recruitment workflow, and make informed hiring choices based on a candidate’s analytical, functional, and cognitive proficiencies.

Users appreciate iMocha’s user-friendly interface, which simplifies test creation, administration, and result analysis. Positive user feedback also emphasises the tool’s accuracy, comprehensive test coverage, and its contribution to identifying top talent.

The price can change depending on the project but we estimate a cost between $5000-$25000. 

15. Oracle Recruiting

Oracle Recruiting is a SaaS product with AI-powered, self-learning digital assistants to answer questions and guide the candidate through application tasks.

This tool uses the same AI model to support automatic speech recognition to convert speech to text.

This AI-driven platform utilises predictive modelling to offer recruiting teams a precise estimation of the hiring duration for specific positions while identifying potential bottlenecks.

Alongside this, the platform offers text-based interview scheduling, streamlined offer invitations, acceptance management, and regular updates, emphasising personalised candidate interactions.

Furthermore, the software actively promotes internal mobility by considering all employees for open roles, while anomaly detection models swiftly detect and flag critical incidents within the AI system, ensuring prompt detection and resolution.

Users appreciate Oracle Recruiting’s intuitive interface, which simplifies job posting, application management, and collaboration within the hiring team. 

Additionally, the tool’s integration with Oracle’s robust HR ecosystem provides seamless data synchronisation and enhances workflow efficiency. 

While pricing details may vary based on organisational requirements, positive user feedback emphasises Oracle Recruiting’s impact on improving recruitment outcomes and reducing time-to-fill positions.

Final thoughts 

We have covered the top 15 AI recruitment tools, each offering unique features and benefits to streamline the hiring process. 

These tools, such as Pymetrics, Manatal, Fetcher, and others, have revolutionized talent acquisition with their AI-driven capabilities.

Based on insights from recruitment specialists and AI researchers, the trajectory of AI in recruitment is promising, underscored by breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language processing.

It is crucial for HR professionals to embrace and adopt these AI tools to stay competitive, improve efficiency, and provide a personalised candidate experience. 

Do you want to save time, make data-driven decisions, and enhance their recruitment outcomes? You need to explore and implement AI recruitment tools.  Let’s embrace the power of AI to shape the future of recruitment

Learn more about how AI and Automation are changing recruitment.

We at Tribe are working hard on implementing AI in our talent solutions. Want to learn about how we can assist you with your hiring needs? Book a call with us!


Rossella Petrillo

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